'March' reviewed by Closewatch Music Blog

New Zealand’s DateMonthYear is to release their latest single March. The Hamilton quintet have crafted an anthem of the highest order which, all things being equal, should expand their audience greater than the Antipodes.

Comprising Trevor Faville, Tyler Leet, Emma Koretz, Brooke Baker and Hayley Schwass, the song and video tell the story of an existential crisis that comes from the grief of losing a loved one. It’s something we have all experienced, and this makes the song and the subject matter something to relate to.

Who hasn’t questioned God (if one is that way inclined), who hasn’t questioned their life and their place in the world, who hasn’t felt the relief that those questions were only temporary?

The voices of the singers combine wonderfully throughout, but especially on the pre-chorus and ending refrain. In the former, the harmony is beautiful first time round; second time around it’s even better as a round. The ending refrain is hopeful and uplifting.

March a wonderful song with a wonderful video, and it should be played loud and often in 2018.

originally published January 16 2018